Tenormin (Atenolol) – Uses, Side Effects & Warnings!


Before going to start with anything related to Tenormin, one has to know that it is used for treating hypertension, i.e. high blood pressure. It is because the low blood pressure prevents heart attacks, kidney related problems and strokes. Also, the particular medicine is used by the people to treating the pain in chest which is also called angina and improve the survival rate after heart attack. The drug name of Tenormin is atenolol and it relates to the class of drugs called beta blockers. After consuming the medicine, it works by blocking the effects of natural chemicals in the body.

The same process results in lowering the blood pressure, pressure on heart and heart rate. It mainly blocks the effects of chemicals like epinephrine, etc. According to the doctors, the medicine can be taken with or without food and at least once or twice daily. The most important thing is that apple juice or orange juice can prevent the working of Tenormin. So, it’s better for the users to avoid consuming both these things after 4 hours of consuming atenolol. In order to get better results, one has to buy Tenormin without prescription in good quality and use it carefully as prescribed.

Side effects of Tenormin

Well, let’s discuss about the negative side of the medicine. It has numerous side effects which are caused by consuming the medicine into high dosage, in wrong way and for a long time. Also, the side effects are caused by consuming a fake medicine or that is made up of fake ingredients. The common side effects of Tenormin are as follows –

  • Confusion, blurred vision, and cold hands
  • Wheezing, cold sweets and fainting
  • Noisy breathing, tiredness and headache

Likewise, all these side effects there are many others present that are potential and related to heart, kidney and liver of the user.

Warnings to know before using atenolol

It is important to be carefully and alert before using the medicine for treating hypertension or angina. There are several warnings present that users should know. If the suffered person has any disease or medical history then they have to inform their doctor. Also, during the medication of Tenormin, one should drink alcohol or use other drugs. Users need to buy Tenormin without prescription in good quality and use it with precautions to remain away from the risk of side effects and get rid of all their sufferings easily.